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Hi There, Emer Here from E-Styling.

 When I started my Style-blog E-Styling in 2017

my idea was to enhance my Love and knowledge of Style, fashion and the beauty industry. I didn't start blogging for social popularity, free products or financial benefit, it was purely my own fashion project. Further on, I now want to pursue a career in the Style/Fashion industry, as I was Self-Employed in the Business for 15years and ran my own Model Agency, I have decided to re-Invent myself and re-establish a career after raising my now 4 adult children. 

I recently completed a Course in Visual Merchandising, followed  by a Styling Course in Media, Editorial and Commercial Styling, both courses from The Dublin Institute of Design. I continued my studies in Advanced Styling and  Image consultant course with Julie Cobbe at  

  I studied a course in Social Media Marketing with the and from that I created my own E-Styling website, facebook, twitter and Instagram style blog which supports local fashion boutiques and beyond.


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