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Updated: Mar 3, 2020


Forward planning for your A/W 2020 wardrobe is an exciting time with a new palette of colours, textures, fabrics and new style changes. Not unalike last season animal print is a huge story. You will see a lot of the Houndstooth pattern in monochrome in high end boutique stores and on the high street and in a multitude of design from suits, dresses, skirts and accessories. the colour choice from all the designer catwalks for this season are Red tones, orange and dark cheddar, peach and sorbet pink, brown tones, galaxy blue and bluestone, spruce and eden green. The classic 2019/2020 Neutrals are cream, brown granite, greys and forever present is the classic black.

From the 70`s style, bell bottoms to earthy coloured corduroy to the 90`s grunge we are travelling back in time this season. Recycled and sustainable materials are on growing demand across the globe. It is a growing industry and is now being embraced by designers Stella McCartney, Cinta, Kitz, Reformation to name a few.

The biggest trend this season is taken from the Matrix mix....the black leather trench coat and punk rock vibe is the look followed by patchwork fashion, oversized knitwear, ruffles, military style and see through fashion

Professional relaxed and comfortable slouchy suits are a must this season which effectively makes this style a crossover for an evening wear look.

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